Ms. Alyna Wyatt

Alyna Wyatt is the partner in charge of the Development Diagnostics and Results practice at Genesis, specializing in research, evaluation and learning, across a variety of sectors.  Alyna leads a team of fourteen professional staff that forge innovative strategies, diagnostics, results based planning & management, monitoring and reporting functions, and evaluation for multiple clients. She firmly believes that results management and evaluation should always inform the design and refinement of policy, programmes and development interventions in order to facilitate and promote developmental outcomes.

Dr. Victor Naidu

Victor Naidu is currently director at Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation in the Presidency responsible for M&E capacity development of national and provincial departments.
Victor Naidu has thirty years experience in the public service which includes experience in public  policy, research and transformation of the public service. In the first sixteen years he worked as educator in a public school in Kwa Zulu Department of Education and was a lecturer in Teacher Education College. In the  next fourteen years  he worked as senior  faculty advisor  at Witwatersrand  Technikon (now University of Johannesburg) in which he managed the curriculum transformation of the Technikon through the interim registration of faculty  qualifications on the National Qualification Framework. He worked as a National Standards Body  co-ordinator  at South African Qualification Authority facilitated the  to the development and implementation of the NQF through the generation and registration of national standards,  and was the deputy director in  Gauteng Institute of Curriculum Development, an agency of the  Gauteng Department of Education,  responsible for the  development and quality assurance of learner and teacher materials  and evaluation of the curriculum change in the province, director at Public Administration Leadership And Management Academy (now National School of Government) responsible for the development and implementation of public service curricula.

Dr. Bill Sewell

Bill Sewell is an internationally experienced organisation performance evaluation and improvement consultant with effective analytical, evaluation and coaching skills; and an extensive network in public and corporate governance & risk, performance management and human capital development. Based on his extensive corporate executive experience and  governance facilitation skills, he has assisted a wide range of business and government institutions to evaluate & enhance their organisational design, systems and capacity for effective performance improvement, governance and service standards. These have included municipalities, provincial and national departments throughout Southern Africa.

Mr. Dugan Fraser

Dugan is the Programme Director at the RAITH Foundation, a private philanthropic foundation that provides support to organisations working for social justice in South Africa. He has a Masters degree in Sociology from the University of the Witwatersrand and has worked for government, donors and civil society organisations as a monitoring and evaluation specialist, both in South Africa and internationally. He has a particular interest in evaluation strategy, in building evaluation capacity and in using monitoring and evaluation as an organisational development intervention. He lives in Johannesburg

Ms. Fazeela Hoosen

Ms. Hoosen is currently an Evaluation Consultant at Benita Williams Evaluation Consultants. She has conducted evaluations in the education and ICT sector with a focus on the use of technology in improving teaching and learning. She has been responsible for all aspects of the evaluation process, specifically; project management, evaluation design, data monitoring and management, quantitative and qualitative analysis and report writing. She has completed a Post-graduate Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation from the University of Stellenbosch in addition to a Master's Degree in Human Geography. She is pursuing her interest and developing her skills in using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as a tool in presenting meaningful evaluation results of development programmes. As a practicing evaluator she strives to strengthen the existing initiatives provided by SAMEA and develop additional support initiatives that will lead to the improvement of the quality of evaluations within the country. She is passionate about enabling active communication and participation of evaluators and in encouraging the building of evaluator competencies and practice.

Dr. Lauren Wildschut : SAMEA Chair Person

Lauren Wildschut has a PhD in Evaluation Studies from Stellenbosch University which focused on the use of logic modelling in the evaluation of NGOs.She is Deputy Director of the Evaluation Research Agency (ERA) and is the Academic Coordinator of the Post Graduate Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation (Stellenbosch University). She taught for 10 years in the MPhil Programme in the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology at Stellenbosch University, focusing on programme evaluation and qualitative data analysis for social sciences research. She has carried out evaluations and conducted training in South, East and West Africa particularly in the field of higher education. She has carried out evaluations in both government and nongovernmental sectors for organisations such as Carnegie, Atlantic Philanthropy, Zenex and ELMA. She regularly presents courses and workshops in Programme Evaluation, Interviewing, Qualitative data analysis, Computer-aided qualitative data analysis and Logic Modelling.

Mrs. Jerusha Govender: Deputy Chair Person

Jerusha is a South African Entrepreneur and M&E professional who is currently the Founder and Director of Data Innovator, a small business focused on strategic information management, analysis and communication. She has Master’s degree in Public & Development Management as well as a Master’s degree in Public Health. Jerusha has experience working in 11 developing countries, with various donors, and both private and public sector organisations. Jerusha is passionate about creative problem solving and helping organizations push the boundaries of how they think about and used data to drive social change.

Mr. Asgar Bhikoo

Asgar Bhikoo is a M&E Specialist who works for Tshikululu Social Investments. He has completed his Master of Philosophy degree in Programme Evaluation and Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree in Training Evaluation. His areas of interest in M&E relate to Data Visualisation, Corporate Social Investment, Programme Design, Evaluation Management, Capacity Building, Programme Theory and Systems Thinking. He is passionate about Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation. He believes that M&E can be used to facilitate social value creation. Asgar is also a Board Member of the International Organisation for Collaborative Outcome Management. He is also an active member of VOPEs such as the American Evaluation Association and European Evaluation Society.