SAMEA would not have been possible without the generous support from all its sponsors. We are greatly indebted to these organisations for their assistance during the critical first phase of the organisation's existence:

Development IT Solutions - South Africa Sensible and sustainable IT solutions

   Evalnet            Feedback Research & Analytics        Human Sciences Research  Council    Insideout M&E Specialists          Khulisa Management Services     Public Service Commission

SAMEA cannot function effectively without financial support, in-kind donations, volunteer time or platforms to get our message across. Your contribution, however limited or extensive, can help SAMEA to achieve its vision for M&E in South Africa. To explore partnership options, funding opportunities or support for specific projects, please contact our treasurer Rae Wolpe at

These are examples of the kind of support that SAMEA requires:

  • Funding for / a volunteer who could provide time at least once a month for collecting website content
  • Funding for / a volunteer who could provide time at least once a month for support with secretarial services and administration
  • A person or organization that could volunteer / assist with SAMEA's financial audit at the end of the financial year
  • Organizations or individuals who would be able to fund projects / programmes such as an M&E Internship placement programme, compilation of a SA M&E resource bibliography, review of M&E Training offerings and a variety of others
  • Funding for / a volunteer who could commit significant amount of time to act as conference organizer / project manager for conferences
  • Organizations that could make their venues available for SAMEA conferences
  • Funding for the additional development and hosting of our website and online portal
  • Funding for / in-kind donations towards travel and lodging for board members to attend board meetings / members to represent SAMEA at international conferences / attract international M&E experts to South Africa / evaluators from the developing countries to attend our events
  • Funding for / in-kind donation towards printing and layout of SAMEA publications such as the annual report, conference reports, seminar materials, marketing material
  • Funding for / in-kind donation towards catering at SAMEA functions
  • Funding for the establishment of a bursary fund towards the development of evaluators
  • Placement of SAMEA's profile and contact information in your publication / newspaper / newsletter / website